Financial Support

Finance Supporting Teaching and Learning


It isn’t rocket science

A good finance team supports teaching and learning, providing clear and transparent information to senior leaders that enables them to make the best use of available resources for the benefit of pupils.

We are qualified accountants that understand and work almost exclusively with the academy sector. Our job is to ensure your historical and projected financial information is accurate and timely, and then to communicate this effectively.

Well planned

We work with you to plan our annual calendars in advance, including monthly visits and indicative dates to ensure budget preparation, ESFA returns and support through external audit are sufficiently resourced to ensure all deadlines are met in good time.

A flexible approach that cares about your budget

We understand that not every academy will have the same needs and requirements. The skills and experience of School Business Managers will always vary between academies, particularly with a newly formed trust.

We understand this and will tailor our approach to fit your needs. Where an academy has the skills to do more we will ensure we focus on reviewing and checking rather than preparation work. We will never charge you for work that is unnecessary and can be carried out by your in-house team.

Fee structure

Our fee rates for this service are provided below:


Daily rate



Daily rate



Daily rate



Daily rate


Skilled, experienced and friendly

Our team of qualified accountants work regularly within the academy sector, they understand the educational, regulatory and cultural challenges you face. We work in partnership with you and your academies, fostering strong relationships based on trust, honesty and a friendly approach.

Accurate and consistent management information

Our team will work with your School Business Managers to ensure all month-end protocols are completed, in accordance with your Finance Policies. We will work to your timetables to ensure that your Board reports can be consolidated and reported to the Trust Board well in advance of papers being due.

ACCA accredited

We are an ACCA accredited firm of accountants, so you can rest assured that our work is also open to regulatory scrutiny of the world’s largest accounting professional body.

Financial forecasting and scenario planning

The mistake too many academies and trusts make is to prepare a single long-term plan and not to embed this into the decision-making process. Scenarios should be built to provide clarity as to the likely financial effect of decision making, with results being compared to ensure the best way forward is selected with due regard to available resources.

We understand this and will work with your academies to ensure that forecasts are prepared, maintained and scenario planning is embedded within the decision-making process.

Communication is key

Our team will meet with the Principal and School Business Manager to discuss financial performance and to ensure that forecasts are accurate and reflect the expected outturn for the year. Monthly meetings at the end of the accounts preparation process assist in overall budget control and ultimately inform the strategic and managerial decision making process.

A more informed decision is a better decision.

Why us?

  • We provide a genuinely different approach to most other financial service providers.
  • Our staff and consultants are sector specialists, with first-hand frequent experience of working with academies and MATs. As our name suggests, this is the sector we specialise in and your service will never be delivered by anyone without sufficient accounting and academy sector experience. We have a tailored and well planned approach that is appropriate to the needs of your academy trust.
  • We agree all work in advance and will never send an unexpected invoice for additional work undertaken as part of our Financial Support Service.

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